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There are way too many stairs in my school. It's not easy to switch classrooms between lessons when you have to climb numerous steps until you are in the right floor. Normally walking the stairs up and down is just something you have to do, but with my crutches it's another adventure. Yes, there is an elevator, but it's only for teachers. Blah. Today I was lucky, I didn't fall while ascending but yesterday I managed to stumble on the stairs in front of a group of first graders. I bet I looked funny but I certainly didn't feel like it...

One nice thing (if you can call it nice to have leg broken, even if it's minor) is that even people who I don't often talk to ask if I'm ok and help me with opening the doors etc. It's nice to know that I'm not just somebody but actually a person. :D

Besides school today has been a boooooring day. I haven't done anything but surfed in the Internet and watched tv. I have tons of schoolwork to do (some assignments that I should've returned yesterday, oops) but I have no motivation towards them.

Whoa, I almost forgot. I got a summer job! It's only for a month but its still paid in ca$h (well in €uros but... ). It's the same job I did last summer, I'll be answering to phone calls and redirecting them to persons who have better acknowledge on asked things. The funny thing is that I hate the job, last summer I almost pulled of the electric wire of the phone. The people I work with are nice and everything but the phone calls are something I can't stand. Mostly people are a) asking stupid questions or b) whining about something I have nothing to do with. And then try to say that you don't know the answer or that you aren't responsible for... Unbearable but what wouldn't I do for money. Thank God I can use the computer (so they're paying me for surfing in the Internet, aren't they?). ;)

(My weekly tumbling class would usually start right now. You can't imagine how much I'd want to be there >: )

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Sad. Weeping. Angry. Miserable. Mournful. Desperate. Heartbroken. LEG BROKEN. There aren't enough words to describe how I feel right now.

Yesterday's practices were great UNTIL I did a bad landing from a liberty stunt and felt horrible pain in my left leg. I couldn't walk and it hurt SO MUCH! So I left home early. This morning I woke up and I still couldn't stand on my foot. I had to walk with crutches and my leg still hurted.

Today we went to hospital and took x-rays and everything. The judgment is: There is a small fracture in my fibula. And I have to use the crutches for four fucking weeks! No practice and no riding. :( I may not be able to go to the cheercamp next week which I had waited for so long. I'm also missing my tumbling classes and I was just about to learn how to do a back handspring. If I really have to wait that long I'll probably never learn it. :(

I don't mind the pain (I can always eat more pain killers) but the fact that I CAN'T PRACTICE kills me!!! I'm officially dead now.
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